Reminiscence Path


The project is connecting two cities: Košice and Sapporo. AVV installation is based on data tracking of experiences from people during the pandemic. Co-creation of two artists working together across the continents is a symbolic connection at overcoming virtual distances. The goal is to collect traces by using GPS on pedestrian and cyclist paths from topographic maps and various apps and make CGI animation with binaural sound. Beáta Kolbašovská is responsible for the visuals and Junichi Oguro for the sound.

Artists’ instructions

For a better experience, please use your headphones and watch the piece at a large screen.

Artists’ Bio

Beáta Kolbašovská — Košice (Slovakia)

Beáta Kolbašovská is a media artist from Slovakia. Her focus is site specific installation, AV performance, vjing, live visuals. She is a co- founder of Nano vjs, visual collective, which creates experimental video mapping, live acts and collaborates with contemporary dancers, theatres, performers and musicians. She performs in AV project Barcode djs presented live in galleries, festivals and public spaces at Rapid pulse festival Chicago, BLV-ART Bilbao, Worm Rotterdam, RoR Nova Gorica, etc.

Junichi Oguro — Sapporo (Japan)

Junichi Oguro is a sound artist who widens the realm of music. Born in Sapporo, Japan. His focus is on the construction of music with nature and technology. His work includes compositions, live performances, sound programming and contemporary artworks. In recent years, he has produced Japan’s first commercial facility 3D sound system, music for Sony and Uniqlo commercials, field recordings around the world, and managed an independent label called 43d. Ableton Certified Trainer.